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To indulge in a Salad Experience in Mumbai Order Salad Online from

When you wish to indulge in a royal experience, looking for just salad places near me won’t help.
Because crafting an indulgent Salad is an art, that only the Chefs at had mastered.

They would only choose the freshest lettuce Soaked in ice-cold water as a Base with Chrispiest of the Veggies and Topped with Premium Microgreens and premium toppings that make you drop that unhealthy pizza.

The flavors are artfully balanced to bring out the best of every vegetable and crunchy greens. This is why any salad by was always Healthy yet delightful.

For the Health-conscious genre out there, We always recommend Fruit bowls and juices to complement and complete the dietary requirements. If you too wish to indulge yourself in a Salad experience like this, then look for Salad subscription near me and order Most Authentic Greensalad from

Explore our collection of bowls

The Salad that's safe, hygienic & Still crunchy!


Separate Kitchen for Veg and
Non-Veg Options

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Strict protocol for hygiene. Compulsory use of masks, apron, gloves & hairnet.


Healthy menu, designed in
consultation with Nutritionists

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All fresh vegetables, received every morning.

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