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Welcome to our salad franchise! Enjoy fresh, delicious salads made with quality ingredients. Visit us today to experience the flavor!

Why own a Franchise?

See why others have chosen us to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

The Big Salad is strategically positioned in the booming healthy-lifestyle sector, providing fresh, whole foods loved by people committed to clean eating.

  • Low cost of entry compared to other restaurants

  • Simplicity (no ovens, cooks, minimal prep)

  • Easy working hours – no late nights

  • HIGH DEMAND for product as healthy eating is a growing trend

  • Strong use of technology that allows you to monitor your business, manage your staff, and control your expenses.

Chef at Work



Healthy Salad
Healthy Salad

Benefit of Salad Franchise

Salad franchises offer many benefits, such as greater control over food quality, brand recognition, and economies of scale. Franchise owners benefit from reduced risk, access to shared resources, and support from the franchisor. Company-operated franchises also benefit from reduced overhead costs and access to capital.

Chef's Portrait

Franchise owned
Compony Operated.

A franchise-owned and operated salad business can be a beneficial alternative for future growth, as it offers a number of advantages over other business models.

  • First, franchising allows a business to benefit from the brand recognition and marketing efforts of the parent company, which can help to draw in customers and increase sales.

  • Furthermore, franchisees are typically provided with a proven business model and systematized processes, which can make it easier to open and manage the business.

  • Additionally, franchising allows the parent company to expand its reach quickly and capitalize on the local expertise of its franchisees.

Finally, franchising eliminates the need to invest in property and equipment, as these are typically provided by the franchisor.
All of these factors can help a salad business to quickly expand and become successful.

Creating Value though Sustained Consistency.


Global Market For Healthy Foods Expected To Hit $1 Trillion This Year! (

Food sector is growing at an average of 11% CAGR and has a lot more potential.

From set-up to license, portal registration to marketing, kitchen sector is long journey. But thankfully there are shortcuts.

The rapid growth of online food ordering sector creates new business opportunities for existing and upcoming restaurants to grow their business, one such upcoming trend is the cloud kitchen business model.

As we live in an era where we order food right from your mobile and get it delivered to our location.

Fresh Salad & Bread
Hawaiian Poke Bowls

Nowadays all the restaurants you visit collaborate with online food ordering portals like Zomato, Swiggy, etc. to ease the ordering process and expand their business as well.

Fun Fact: "ALL" restaurants are predominantly cloud kitchen for Aggregators.

With more than 10+ outlets in 2 cities, is one of the fastest growing
Healthy food "cloud kitchen model in India. 

Rapid Growth in Fitness Food Industry



Are Willing To Pay More
For Healthy Food


Are More Likely To Visit A Restaurant With Healthy Menu Options


Like or LOVE Salads!


About how we are setting benchmark in Salad Space. provides

Clear and Transparent Pricing Model

Lowest initial investment model

All initial set-up including registration, kitchen set-up, Zomato integration, etc

Expertise of handling multiple outlets

100% Procurement Support

100% Packaging support

100% Marketing Support

How greensalad helps Franchises.

Kitchen layout design & procurement of kitchen items

At The Greensalad Kitchen, our dedicated team will help you to set up your lean operational kitchen, starting from scratch.
Whether it’s kitchen equipment or layout designing, we will be there, to help you to take off your fitness food venture without splurging on Unnecessary Equipment 

Child Holding Fresh Produce
Kitchen Staff

Recruitment & training the right candidate for your kitchen

It is about providing the healthy food with great taste and offering exceptional services to the customer.
We help you to onboard first class kitchen staff that help you to run the show smoothly.

Existing recipe training and new product development training

There’s something for everyone starting from Healthy salad, fruit bowls, and Healthy juices to specific meals. 

It doesn’t matter if your guests are vegan, gluten-free, or have allergies, No matter their dietary needs, helps you to treat your customers with our special training on existing recipes and development of new recipes.

Raw Material procurement assistance

We Help you to find out the best raw materials from best possible sources, so that it will help you to maintain the best quality for your customers.


Transparent Revenue Sharing

A franchise-owned company working on a transparent pricing model typically sets out a clear plan for pricing their products or services. This plan is usually based on factors such as sector, industry, scoring, and ownership structure. The company will then set out a framework for what prices should be charged for particular products or services, taking into account the cost of production, desired profit margin, and other considerations. This model helps to ensure that customers are getting a fair price for the product or service, and that the company is making a reasonable profit. Transparency is important in this model, as it ensures that customers have a clear understanding of what they are paying for.

Most importantly

Digital Marketing Support is a SOP driven company that helps you achieves a chef-independent model.

Gym and Nutritionist Tie Ups

With total investment starting from

10-12 lakhs, starting in Food sector was never so easy.

SOP based Structure in all brands is a SOP driven company that helps you achieves a stress-free model.

Multiple brands with Same customers base

With total investment starting from 10 lakhs, Food sector was never so easy.

High LTV and low cost of retention along with other 21 brands operating from same kitchen, thus lowering expenses and maximizing revenues.

What our franchisee have to say about us


I started my second outlet with this month and loved their transparency and support 

Omkar Patkar
Owner of Bhandup, Mumbai & Thane Franchise

Never knew cloud kitchen can be so easy with SOPs and support from Rahul and Gaurav  was very helpful in overcoming initial roadblocks.

Claudia Dmello,
Owner of Kandiwali, Mumbai Franchise


Who Can Apply for Our Greensalad cloud Kitchen Franchise

Individuals who are looking for a business opportunity in this health and wellness industry, for them this is an extraordinary chance to seize it!! You don't need any prior experience of cooking or running a healthy food restaurant, The Greensalad is a plug-and-play model.

Beginning from your kitchen layout design, recipe management, macro calculation, staff recruitment, kitchen setup, and software, all that will be offered to you right the day you sign the franchise with The

Come let’s make the Salad Superfood of tomorrow!!

Early you invest, early you start growing. With limited franchisee options in every area, connect with us now to reserve your growth.


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