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Salads that everyone wants to eat

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

I started having salads from every day for lunch in the office. My colleagues seemed to love my salads and kept wanting to tuck them in. As even junk food fans and heavy meat eaters were fascinated by them, I thought they might interest a wider audience, so I started to take pictures and post them on a blog. In this article, I’ll tell my top 3 fav salads from

Happy Greek Salad

Happy Greek Salad is a low-calorie, low-fat meal that’s full of fresh, healthy ingredients. This Greek salad is made with tikka chicken, which is a blend of spices and herbs. It's marinated in yogurt and lime juice, then grilled on skewers. You can use any kind of seasoning you like here—just make sure it's not too salty or overpowering! uses fresh ingredients like lemon juice and olive oil instead of bottled ones. A good quality feta cheese is also added to this salad's flavor profile!

Hunter Chickpea Salad

Mostly, we all are aware of lettuce-based salads. But this one is for those who wish to enjoy Healthy no lettuce salads. This Hunter chickpeas salad for contains Chickpeas (Chole) as a base and is topped with Dice cut Cucumber, Tomato, Spring Onion, and Carrots with shreds of Beetroot. Added to this Slice of Sweet Potato topped with Mint, Parsley, and Mixed Herbs. Topped with Boiled Eggs and Cottage Cheese and Nicely tossed with Olive Oils.
The secret to making this tasty Hunter Chickpea Salad is adding some Barbeque, Lemon Vinaigrette dressing on top of your salad before eating it! The best part is that it’s super healthy and won’t make you gain weight if eaten regularly!

Vegan Sausage Salad

Sausage is a type of meat that can be made from different types of vegetables. Vegan sausage is something that many people do not know about, but it’s actually really good!
Vegan Sausage Salad is a salad you can eat daily. It tastes like the normal kind of real sausages and it’s healthier too!
Vegan sausage salad is made from assorted lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber, and onion. It also has carrot, beetroot, exotic bell pepper (red, yellow) even zucchini also added in it. It is served with Lemon Vinaigrette and Salsa dressing.
For sausage, Blue Tribe Vegan Sausages are cut in coin-shaped and slightly sautéed on a pan with olive oil.

Salads are one of the best ways to eat your vegetables. They're versatile and delicious, and there's something for everyone when it comes to salads. These three salads from are my favorite choose yours.
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