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Everyone should have At least one salad a day.

Post covid things have been clear than ever that humans had by far neglected there health and Strayed in Junk globing.
But One small virus reveal all the chinks in our immune armour and that is a very reason we want any and all healthy people to have at least one salad a day. 
We Aim to craft salads that range from food, necessity , remedy to lifestyle and in turn create a "Salad experience" for the people wanting to start making small changes to there lifestyle healthy or otherwise.

Our Story

Every brand has a story to tell and vision to grow and a journey to make.
This trial by fire makes them a Recognized brand in faith of Customers.
Company that once started with vision to provide fresh Salads near and around Andheri today has grown to serve 10 locations across Mumbai and Counting.
When it comes to crafting Salads we believe," It isn't difficult to craft a good salad, but it is imperative to consistently make a good salad"
We are known for consistently creating Some delicious salads while keeping and maintaining Hygiene, Operations and delivery standards intact. 
Testimony to our Honest practices is the fact that most of our Franchise owners have been our customers when they started.

Meet The Team

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